Its not Christmas without Turkey for me so whilst I was very happy to get an invitation to Christmas I was a little disappointed that there would be no turkey unless I bought my own. Well I have always wanted a TurDuckEn - too many years watching Food Network as well as an interest in odd foods. So J and I decided to make one.

One thing you should know before you try - you end up with a LOT of meat. We had a 20lb turkey a 6lb duck and a 4lb chicken. Even without their bones I reckon we ended up with over 20lb of final product most of which is now in my freezer.

Boning the chicken took a lot less time than I expected - I was done in under half an hour. It helps that this isn't for final presentation so you don't have to be tidy on the legs or wings. I was very proud of the small amount of meat left on the bones.

J took almost an hour to do the duck. The backbones and leg joints were much harder to crack and cut and I didn't have any good shears. In addition the meat to bone ratio on a duck makes it much harder to do without going through the skin.

The turkey was the easiest of the bunch not very fiddly and you leave the leg and wing bones in for final shape.

Assembly was pretty easy up until the final stage. You layer stuffing and meat from the outside in and then you reshape the birds from the inside out. The chicken and duck went pretty easy but getting the turkey wrapped around the other 2 was a lot of work. It took 2 of us and about 5 skewers to finally hold it all together.

The recipe said 3-4 hours cook time which I thought was horribly optimistic and I was right. We checked the internal temperature with 2 thermometers and it took around 5:15 to hit the right temperature at the chicken layer. The meat was insanely moist though... apparently cooking everything from the inside with pure duck fat is a good way to roast a turkey. I do not want to think about the calories though.

This is what you start with... 30lbs of meatCheck that out !!! Looks like the real thing...

More pictures of making the TurDuckEn

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