Hairy Ears

I was happily reading a magazine these evening when I casually reached up to scratch my head and brushed my hand near my ear. Like a cat touching something with its whisker I felt the unmistakable sense of hair movement but not in a place I really want to feel it. Ear hairs are not new to me - I invested in a device to stop me turning into a grandfather sometime last year but this one was special. Firstly it was not tufting out of my ear like a friendly old Santa Claus but instead appeared to be growing out of my ear lobe and secondly based on my limited hair follicle nerve stimuli it was about 2 feet long. After some inspection in the mirror and 10 minutes aiming the reflection of a pair of tweezers in the wrong place (can you go to a special school to learn how to do tweezers in a mirror?) I removed the offending item. Sadly it was not 2 feet long but even the half inch I got was scary enough. Scary enough that I washed it down the sink before I thought "damn I should have taken a photo for my blog". This is why I will never be Scoble!

So to all you guys younger than me this is what you have got to look forward to. You see the last few smooth places on your body? The ones that you are sure have no hair follicles in them? Well go and get them zapped by a lase now before its too late. Otherwise in a few years you will be getting your ear lobes waxed and that's jut not a sexy thought!

Published 17 December 2007 11:02 PM by zman
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