Winners of the most complex download ever - the VS2008/MSDN subscriptions team.

Today is the day that VS2008 releases - its not compatible with XNA GSE but I figured I should get it anyway.

Express product download - very nice! All the products in a single DVD ISO image.... click it and it downloads using the good old http protocol

Professional products from MSDN subscriber downloads - OH MY GOD!!!!! How many ways can they over complicate this?

  1. its not even in the normal download location yet. You have to get it from the 'top downloads list'. Not too much hassle but come on people a download is a download
  2. You have to turn off your pop up blocker. "You will also need to allow pop-ups (at least temporarily)." - and they REALLY mean turn it off. You can't ctrl-click. You can't wait for the yellow bar and then say allow it because the site does multiple redirects and so you never get to see the page with the yellow bar. Remember that pop up blocker is ON by default in IE. You would think MS could make this a little easier in their own browser
  3. You have to download an ActiveX control "To access this new feature, you will need to install the Akamai Technologies Download Manager Browser add-on to access these files.". That's right - because downloading a file on the internet is something that browsers can't handle on their own. If we want to handle restarting etc we will get our own download manager....
  4. When you try to download it defaults to asking to save it in 'Documents'. Well I want it on my desktop. "you do not have permission to save in this folder". WTF? I save in my desktop folder all the time... instead it asks if I want to save it to the 'andy' folder. So I say sure and then it says "For your computer's security, this file was saved to the Temporary Internet Files folder. Do you want to open this folder?".
  5. So lets retry that and let it save to 'documents' oh well how about that I get the SAME error (wonder if its because I move Documents to D:\? - surely that's not much of an edge scenario)
  6. Don't you love the irony of a download app telling me that 'for my security' they have done something right after they made me turn OFF my pop up blocker and mandated an ActiveX download...

I'm sure a large team of enterprise architects and program managers spent many hours locked in meetings and weeks of development and testing to come up with that workflow. Maybe someone from the MSDN subscriber download team can compare it to the Express edition workflow which involved a single click AND allowed me to save to my desktop.



Published 19 November 2007 04:48 PM by zman


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