Did the writers strike start last season for Heroes?

Let's start by saying how much I love my DVR - I have 3x5000 series Replay TVs (the DVR that lost the Tivo/Replay TV war!) which are beautiful machines. They stream content around my house and I can even get episodes that I missed thanks to a now disabled feature and a website to help me find friends. When the hard drive in one of them died a few years ago I put in a nice big hard drive so that I don't have to worry about space. Of course this has some downsides like I sometimes get very, very behind on shows. I still have the entire of last seasons 24 to watch and as of this weekend I had about 10 episodes of Heroes to watch too.

So this weekend I settled in for a Heroes marathon. Each episode was just as good as I remembered.. the twists and turns were very good with me only guessing the twist often seconds before it was revealed. All building up for the final episode - "How to stop an exploding man" - and due to the fact that I am 8 months late I think I am safe with the spoilers. Its fairly well setup at this point - the cheerleader has been saved so that Sylar doesn't have her healing power, Hiro can stab him and kill him like Isaacs comic book says and we are all pretty sure that Peter is going to get pissed off and blow up. They've even set up a way to "kill" or at least disable peter by doing something to a part of his head though I thought that was going to be a pretty boring way out and was hoping for a big twist. Instead what do we get but Nathan flying in at the last minute and flying Peter up to explode in the sky - never mind that breathing in space has not really been something we have seen, never mind that a nuclear man in the atmosphere may be worse than exploding him in New York. Seriously folks - did you just run out of ideas at this point. Nathan did it for LOVE of his brother - that's your best idea? Never have I been so disappointed with a 'love themed ending' since LeeLoo refused to save the world until Bruce Willis said he loved her in The Fifth Element. This isn't a chick flick guys. Lets have some time travel paradoxes to untangle, lets have 6 different timeline versions of Hiro show up at the same time - each with a slightly better American accent and cooler beard. At least have Hiro take Nathan to the future so that he can see what happens if he doesn't stop the bomb than he can come back and control his own destiny since he knows he is going to die anyway (which was wonderfully done in Red Dwarf Tikka to Ride where President Kennedy ends up assassinating himself from behind the grassy knoll to ensure he dies a hero).

So I can only conclude that the writers either went on strike that day or they all went to the pub the night before and were suffering from the hangover from hell.



Published 12 November 2007 08:09 AM by zman
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