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A couple of weeks ago it was J's sisters birthday and we had just watched too many episodes of Ace Of Cakes. Now I have to admit I watch this show and spend half the time thinking - "now THAT doesn't look too hard" (for the record there are a lot of things they do that I think DO look hard!) so it seemed very logical that we should try to make a cake that looked like something. Two of the most obvious things that come to mind about J's sister are Boston Terriers and Juicy Couture, especially their purses. It didn't take long to realise that a purse was going to be a LOT easier than a Boston (maybe next year!).

It took us way longer than expected of course - in fact J had the rest of the cake covered in the time it took me to cut out all the letters - but after many hours, 3 cakes, 2 cans of frosting, lots of fondant and a couple of wire coat hangers (everything is edible apart from the handles) we came up with this:

One of these is a cake!

Pretty darn good I think.... and its a lot of fun. Maybe Duff will see this and offer me a job! Of course now I have to come up with something special for J's birthday - its got to be better than her sisters right!

Now I admit this isn't quite my first time... I have dabbled in the culinary arts over the years - usually to impress a woman (for some reason they don't expect a guy can make a cake let alone decorate it!). So I dug up some old pictures - some of these took a lot of time, some were knocked together pretty quickly.

This piano has chocolate legs, with a chocolate base and top and of course chocolate cake in the middle. The keyboard is (of course) white chocolate.

piano cake

Another chocolate themed Christmas cake - Cadbury flake roof, Cadbury finger walls and chocolate cake inside...

An Christmas cake with lots of Cadburys

A purple truck... long story but someone had a purple truck which was perfect Barney color so all of his friends called it the Barney truck. The cake was in honor of that truck. Oreo wheels!!!

A purple 'Barney' truck (it was an 'in' joke at the time)

Wallace (from Wallace and Gromit) - no chocolate other than the eyes but the teeth are made from chopped up marshmallows

Wallace (but not Gromit)


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