Windows Live Everything All In One Installer (unless you are on x64 of course)

Today I needed to install Live Writer on my nice new x64 machine so that I can finally upload another Coding4Fun article (Yes I know its been far too long....) so I headed off to the download site and ran the new installer. "Windows live programs can't be installed on this Operating System"...

I'm getting a little annoyed about apps that don't run on x64... heck x86 apps will run just fine on it so unless you have some reason to be fiddling with very low level stuff then it should just work. I'm not the only one who is annoyed. I guess someone has determined that not enough people have x64 machines. Come on Microsoft if you can't do it properly then neither will anyone else.

After a bit of googling I did find a solution on - though this requires you have an x86 machine to run the installer on to get hold of the .msi file. It seems that while all the Live applications run and install on x64 the new combined installer doesn't. Yes indeed the whole shebang is broken because the initial installer didn't to the right thing.

Of course combining all the windows clutter into a single installer means that Microsoft are right up there with all these companies that bundle "crap I don't need" and try to trick me into installing it. Again I'm sure some marketing genius has a pay raise built on 'getting XX% of people to install product YYYYY' and they don't care that none of those people us it or even know they installed it.

But back to LiveWriter... i switched over to my x86 laptop and ran the installer - from the website (that's important) and once it ran it said "It looks like you are offline" and refused to go any further. Well IE thinks I'm online, Live Messenger thinks I'm online, ping thinks I'm online... the only thing I can think is that my laptop is wireless. Looks like this new installer needs a little work guys.

Eventually I fired up the old trusty dell that I retired last month and ran the install there. Copied the MSI over to the x64 box and crossed every part of my body that was crossable. But it still wasn't enough. "Windows live writer requires the installation of the .Net framework". Now what people??? I'm on Vista - it comes with .Net 2.0/3.0 do I really need 1.1 too? So I do an install of .Net 1.1, plus the service pack, plus several windows update fixes. Now the installer runs - but it doesn't complete. It just ends while it is "gathering requirements". So I guess it really doesn't work on x64. This machine is about as clean as you can get - 95% of the software on there is Microsoft core stuff like Office and Visual Studio.

I give up... but wait there is hope... the light at the end of the tunnel from some Live Writer forums where they discuss the workaround that I am using. Apparantly if you run the installer this way you get no prompts but it does actually install. Sure enough there is it in the start menu. Ok thats just most of the morning down the toilet... who do I send the invoice to?

Published 11 September 2007 10:48 AM by zman


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