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Well after this mornings exciting conclusion to the 'How many ways can I screw up building a PC' I have done the essential installs - Visual Studio 2005, C# Express, Visual Studio 2005 SP1, C# Express SP1, Visual Studio Vista patch, C# express Vista patch, Visual Studio 2005 Washington State bug fix, C# Express Thursday afternoon update, etc etc... Though I hate to link to Jeff twice in one week and give him the power of my google juice (yes folks that was sarcasm) I have to agree with him that this is just a big old mess.

So I have a wonderfully clean PC now with just the developer essentials - seems a shame to start installing all the crapware on there. I already had to install foxit reader (though that is preferable to the alternative) and of course google toolbar since Microsoft still don't think I need a spell checker in my browser.

The new PC feels amazingly snappy... there's none of the subtle delays switching tabs in IE (Scott saw this too - you've got to wonder what happens in the IE tab switching code as its easily one of the slowest things on my old PC) and scrolling long and complex web pages is just nice and smooth unpacking and compiling the spacewar project from XNA GSE was also noticeably faster. Sadly the internet hasn't speeded up any while I was under the desk re-cabling and vacuuming up 18 month old hairs and dust.

So now I just have to transfer my years of documents and stuff from the old PC and install Office and I will be almost back to productive.. man maybe it would have been cheaper to pay Jeff to do all of this for me ;-)

Published 09 August 2007 05:45 PM by zman


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