Vista Installer team I don't like you much at the moment.....

I like Vista. I was running the beta as soon as it would install on my machine and I've suffered through the quirks of missing drivers and defending the OS while being called a Microsoft shill by some. But I'm waisting time now because when the installer has an error its restarting instead of letting me go back and change options.

Since I thought I may do several installs and since I don't have a spare SATA cable I put the Vista files onto a nice fast 4Kb USB key and booted from that - all seems quite straightforward and it is supposed to be much faster.

  1. Let it boot into the installer... wait
  2. Enter the language settings
  3. Click the 'install now' button... wait
  4. Type in the product key... wait
  5. Accept the license agreement
  6. Click 'Custom' since this is a new installation.
  7. The 'drive chooser' window shows up. I have 2 brand new drives and it lets me choose between them. I pick my fast expensive 10k raptor and hit Next and windows says 'Windows could not determine if this computer contains a valid system volume'. Press OK and the installer goes back to step 2... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhh. Whats wrong with just sending me back to step 6 so I can fix the problem with the drive.
  8. After trying a couple of times I assume that the drive need to be partitioned and formatted. There's no way to do that so I press the 'advanced' buttons and get several new buttons but still nothing about partitioning. There is a 'New' button with an icon that looks like a star (yes great icon guys) so I click that and sure enough it makes a new partition...
  9. Select the new partition and Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargggggggggggggg - I get the same damn error and back to step 2
  10. Do some searches on the web. Hmmm this is old but I seem to remember playing with the boot priority and moving the USB drive to the top of the list.... so restart, fix the bios and go back to #1
  11. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

So on reflection maybe the real problem here is that the error message just isn't very helpful. The list of drives I'm presented with doesn't include the USB key I booted from so I have no idea that its a problem due to that.

Or maybe the real problem here is that I shouldn't go fiddling with BIOS settings :-)

Published 06 August 2007 07:34 PM by zman


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