So how fast is it...

Out of the box with just the NVidia drivers applied we have a windows rating of 5.0 (CPU 5.9, Memory 5.0, Graphics 5.9, Gaming Graphics 5.9, Hard Drive 5.9) - much the same as what Jeff got.

Must go and stick the other 2Gb of Ram back in. Hard to imagine that the first hard drive I bought for my Atari ST was 120Mb (yes Megabytes) in 1991(?) and I thought I was the coolest guy in the world. But I digress... adding the 2Gb for at total of 4Gb puts the rating up to 5.3 (CPU 5.9, Memory 5.3, Graphics 5.9, Gaming Graphics 5.9, Hard Drive 5.9). Quite interesting - all I did was increase the RAM. I'm glad to say that installing all the critical updates from Microsoft didn't affect this test!

I guess my crappy 3 year old P4 with 2Gb RAM isn't so bad after all - that has a vista rating of 4.2 (CPU 4.2, Memory 4.5, Graphics 5.0, Gaming Graphics 4.2, Hard Drive 4,4). I think 3 years ago when I bought the computer it was a pretty good spec machine. Hard to think that in 3 years though my CPU speed has gone DOWN from 2.8Gz to 2.4Ghz. Sure I now have 4 cores instead of 2 and I know CPU technology has improved, especially over a P4, a lot but it just seems wrong.

Some other things to think about while I am waiting for 3dmark to download and for my 500Gb hard drive to format (man you would think they could find a way to speed this up... I know windows formats in the background but I can't really run any perf tests while its going).

I have to say I am very impressed with the P182 case. The fans are essentially silent unless I turn them all the way up and even then my old computer is completely drowning it out. It will be interesting to see how my office feels once everything is switched out. I am very used to the noisy background noise after 3 years. The way you can thread cables up the back side of the motherboard is also great. There's a lot of cables in the modern PC and hiding most of them out of the airflow must help with the cooling a lot.

So onto some other baseline benchmarks before I leave this thing to burn in for a while.

PCMark 2005: 8003 (Note you have to run PCMark05 as an Admin to get it to work properly)

3dMark 2006: 9818 (though it says non approved drivers!)


Temperatures: (TJunction/Core0/1/2/3). Note CoreTemp need to have windows startup modified to run on Vista x64.

  • 100/54/54/49/47 at windows desktop
  • 100/100/95/89/84 during torture tests. Core 0 fluctuated between 100 and 126(?) with nothing in between. I increased the fan speed on the case and it didn't make much difference

So I'm a little concerned about the Core 0 temperatures but the tests seemed very stable... I'm also concerned because my temps are waaaaaay higher than Jeffs were on the same torture test.

So I did a little reading and found SpeedFan which doesn't have the driver problem and amazingly gives a totally different set of temperatures!!

Temperatures: (System/CPU/AUX/Core0/1/2/3) using SpeedFan

  • 7/47/37/36/37/32/30 at windows desktop
  • 62/93/38/-42/82/70/66 during torture tests. Yes you read that right -42!!! SpeedFan seems to go -ve when the temperature goes over 88(ish)

So now I don't know what to think - SpeedFan and CoreTemp can't agree on anything other than Core 0 is getting the hottest. I don't have a fancy temperature gun like Jeff to check things. Still my temperatures are still higher than what I would expect.

Published 06 August 2007 10:37 PM by zman


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