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Not the Zman - this blog. In fact if you are reading this entry then you have moved with me.

Its been almost a year since I went through 3 kinds of hell trying to get this blog moved from the godaddy hosted Community Server service onto a virtual server. Eventually i gave up because i had better things to do with my time. Since then Telligent has release Community Server 2007 and my blog was stuck 2 versions behind. During the time I had my virtual server I explained my problems to several GoDaddy support people including some senior managers but as summer 2007 rolls around I see that nothing has changed. They still only host CS1.1 in their hosted package, they still don't allow you to get a backup of the database and even if they did they still don't give you dbo permission to restore the database into a new instance.

So when i got the expiry notice for my hosting last week I decided enough was enough and I started to make the move over to CS2007. Orcsweb very nicely give all MVPs some web space and Telligent make CS Professional available to us as well. Its not like I need convincing to move with CS - I really like the product and the way its going. But as I suspected moving from 1.1 to 2007 without having access to the database was going to be trouble.

Firstly I exported all the tables in XML format to my local machine - godaddy will be deleting the site soon. These files won't import into CS07 so I needed to create an empty CS 1.1, import the files, check it worked, then upgrade through CS2.0 and then CS07. Problem is you can't find the CS1.1 installer any more and the people on the forums were not much help. They saw the word godaddy and sent me to a very well written FAQ that doesn't answer the question. To be honest I was not very confident that this approach would work anyway - seemed like there were too many places to go wrong and you know its not supported.

So I tried a different approach - converting to BlogML. CS 1.1 doesn't have a BlogML exporter but I found a handy dandy tool that converts an RSS feed to BLogML. I tweaked community server so ensure my RSS feed had all 100+ posts and ran the app.... and got an error about malformed XML. I took a copy of the RSS feed locally and patched up the XML until it passed the RSS validation. But still it wouldn't load into the tool. Since the source is available I figured I could make it work and spent several hours deep in the source code but it became obvious that this was becoming a several day job.

By this time I've wasted the best part of a day on this and realised that this was why I gave up last time. A bit of math made me realise that cutting and pasting and adjusting the dates of my 100+ posts was only going to take 3-4 hours and that was far less that I had already spent.

Sadly it means I lose all the comments and the permalinks change - something that upsets me greatly - but I am of the opinion that I don't have a lot of inbound links and its not worth a week of my time to do it properly. So please accept my apologies and carry on reading.

Now that I have a proper hosted CS07 installation its going to be a lot easier to keep this thing up to date.

You will find some of the inter post links are wrong at the moment. If you find one let me know and I will fix it up. I will get the links and the tags fixed up over the next few weeks.


Published 23 July 2007 10:30 PM by zman


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