Open Water Swimming Part II

After Monday's open water swim didn't go as well as planned I was a little apprehensive about my triathlon chances as well as going in the lake again. But being a tightwad has its advantages. Where others would have given up in disgust I look at the cost of the event, the hotel, the bike equipment and my newly purchased $200 wetsuit and think "Hell I've got to get my monies worth here"

So Sunday morning we headed out to a different part of Lake Washington to try again. This time I wasn't the only newbie. There was another lady who looked just as nervous as me. We both started in the roped off area and the buoyancy bothered me again. But with some advice from one of the 'pros' to just forget my legs and let them drift I started to get used to it much quicker. After 200m or so I felt confident enough to try the actual lake and managed to swim pretty close to 800m. When you are treading water the wetsuits make a huge difference which is nice when you are so far away from the bottom.

Since that won't impress many, we left the lake, got on the bikes and did a nice 12 mile bike ride followed by a (very short) run. All before 1pm too.

So all in all I'm feeling much more confident about the triathlon again. I don't think the pros have much to worry about but at least I won't fail before the first third is over


Published 02 July 2007 01:10 AM by zman


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