Moscow Cats Theater - what a rip off

I forgot to blog this one when I went several weeks ago. I really thought the Moscow Cat Theater would be cute and funny. I was a little concerned at the $50 or so tickets but hey that's what it costs to go to the theater these days right?

Well I was right to be concerned. There's a reason the cat theater goes on David Letterman rather than having their own TV show - they only have about 10 minutes of good material. The rest of filler was stupid Cirque du Soleil clown pulling faces and looking sad. Even worse the cats did the wrong thing several times and the clowns just tried to get a laugh out of it. Heck if a police dog forgot to catch the bad guy 1/10th of the time I don't think they would call it 'trained'. My particular favourite was a big fat white cat who had been trained to..... wait for it.... sit still and do nothing. Now I appreciate its hard to get a cat to sit still but I'm pretty sure if you feed it 4 cans of cat food a day it doesn't feel like moving much.

So if you were thinking of spending $200 to take your entire family to see this then I would personally advise you to wait till they come on Letterman again and spend the $200 on beer.

Published 02 July 2007 01:17 AM by zman


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