Keeping fit is expensive...

It was an expensive weekend. Starting with the $425 for my B-17 flight which was worth every penny. Pictures will be up in the next few days but they had the hatch off the top of the radio operators cabin so you can stick your head out of the top. I don't know how high we were but the sticking you head out of the top of a 60 year old plane with 120 mph wind in your face to see the view is a pretty unique experience.

But that's not the point of the post! In preparation for my triathlon next month I had my bike tuned up and got new brake pads and inner tubes and got a new cycle helmet - I think all of those items were original on the bike when i got it 12 years ago (there have been some extended periods of non riding). A new bike computer because my old one stopped working, new cycle shoes since the old ones just seem too tight (do I have fat feet!) and finally a wetsuit rental to see if I like it/will need one for the race. If I choose to buy it then I get the rental fee knocked off but its another $200. Add in the race fee, the hotel and the gas to get there and you can see the life of an athlete is not cheap. I'm learning that the TRI in triathlon applies to the costs too. In fact I think the biking and swimming cost me more than the running does.

The tightwad in me is saying its OK because its cheaper than paying for the heart bypass in 20 years and its cheaper than smoking but in that case shouldn't my health insurance be paying for some of this since I'm saving them money?

Published 25 June 2007 01:09 AM by zman


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