More bank craziness...

Apparently I have my fans when I rant about how stupid the world is... well once again I have found a bank which doesn't seem to understand how dumb it is being. This time they didn't really annoy me, or inconvenience me so there's no point in naming names....

I applied for a new credit card a couple of weeks ago and it arrived on Friday. As usual there is a little sticker on it telling you to call immediately from your home phone to activate it. So I did as it said and the computer told me that I wasn't calling from home and transferred me to a human. Now in general I hate talking to humans because:

  • Most customer support people are paid minimal wage and 40% of them give minimal service
  • The 10% who, despite having one of the most depised jobs in the world, still care are so badly trained that they can only answer the simplest questions and *I* never have simple questions
  • The other 50% are trained in the art of 'selling you *** you don't want or need' so while they are failing to give you any service they are trying to sign you up for some scheme or other

So I held my breath as the lady asked me why I was calling (because... well the computer knew why I was calling why didn't it tell her). So I explained and she did everything necessary, without trying to sell me something. When I asked her to check my phone number to see why the automated system failed she said that her number matched the one she could see on the caller ID but "quite often the automated system doesn't get the phone numbers for a couple of weeks"...

So lets think about this for a minute... I applied online... so my number is in a computer. 10 days later they send out a card telling me to call IMMEDIATLY and somehow that number hasn't got to the computer they tell me to call but IS in the account database. The number might not make it into the activation system for a few weeks AFTER I have called to activate... I wonder who they hire to design these great systems :-)

Published 21 June 2007 01:08 AM by zman


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