ZMan vs the Red Baron

Remember when I said:

"So Verizon, thanks for taking my money for years... I'm going to spend my $500 on something much more fun"

Well I was perusing the Sunday papers last weekend and I found exactly the thing to spend the money on... so on Saturday 23rd June I will be taking a flight on a B-17 Flying Fortress. It's a little on the pricey side for a 30 minute flight, there's no food service and I think the odds of joining the mile-high club are low but heck this is just too cool to miss. I remember as a kid building Airfix models of planes and the flying fortress was ALWAYS the cool one because of the fact that it has guns all over it. There's one on the roof, one in the nose, another in the tail and coolest of all is the one slung underneath - man I hope they let us sit in that one... Yes I am VERY excited...


Published 14 June 2007 01:05 AM by zman


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