ZMAN is a **WINNER**


No not publishers clearing house, nor the readers digest I actually won something that can be described as a sporting event !!!

No my marathon speed didn't suddenly increase but this weekend my running friends and I competed in a Street Scramble in Everett, WA. Street Scrambles are a urban orienteering events, a cross between running/walking/cycling (your choice), map reading and scavenger hunts. I've done these races before, scraping a 3rd and a 5th in the running divisions. However since I am currently training for my 1st triathlon 2 of us decided to use our bikes and go for the 3 hour option. I was expecting to cover a LOT more ground on bikes than I do on foot but a combination of street conditions, weather and bike problems meant we only covered about 3 miles more than my friends who ran the 3 hour version. The weather was terrible - it rained the entire time but thankfully after 20 minutes you couldn't get any wetter. Our answer sheet was so wet that by half way we couldn't write on it and had to resort to punching holes with the pen.

In the end we were glad to finish the ride and get some food in us but there was one more surprise. In our division (mixed, 3 hour bike) we were first - out of 3 teams too! So I am thinking of announcing my retirement from competitive sports this week - after all it can't get any better than this can it? I'm expecting some sponsorship deals any minute...

Published 11 June 2007 01:02 AM by zman


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