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Swims like a fish? overweight, out of shape fish!

Since my leg is damaged I cannot post here about my legendary running career but I just wanted to let the whole world know that today I swam 800m non stop - all freestyle! Whilst I have swum further (but not for a long time) - I have never done freestyle that far before. So between Michael Phelps and myself its turning out to be quite a week for swimming eh?


Professional Athlete?

As some of you may know my running career is slightly on hold due to an annoying calf injury which is making running fast or far quite uncomfortable. I rested it, changed shoes, got new insoles and taped the muscle every time I trained but though it improved it really wasn't fixed. I am supposed to be running my first ultra at the end of April - its the shortest of the ultras - a mere 50k - but I really want to finish. So since I can't get all my long runs in I headed off to the doctor who prescribed 3 weeks of no running and physio. The physio has me on a 5 times a day stretching regime. Since I can't run I have to find other ways to keep my fitness up if I stand any chance of running for close to 6 hours.

So this morning I got up at 7:30am (not a geek friendly time) and stretched. Then I headed off to the physio who electrocuted me while steam cooking my leg, ultrasounded me and then rubbed pepper spray into my leg. Then another half hour of stretching. Just a quick trip home to pick up my swimming gear then off to the pool for 40 minutes of swimming and 20 minutes of water jogging. Finally back home for lunch. Its now 12:30 and all I have done this morning is work out and drive. I guess this is what professional athletes feel like. Of course they have millions of dollars of incentive - all I have is the risk of wasting $40 not getting a sweat shirt that just confirms I am insane. Of course the professional athletes can spend the afternoon relaxing and being massaged by 10 playboy bunnies whereas I have to actually get some real work done.... anyone want to sponsor a very bad, slightly injured runner. I'm a LOT cheaper than the other guys and I don't drink and drive or do drugs...

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Stupid People

Last night I went to see a Brian Greene lecture here in Seattle. The lecture was great - if you have even seen his Elegant Universe Nova specials on PBS you will be glad to know he is even better live.

At the end they opened up mikes so you could ask him questions and I rolled my eyes because I know what happens when you let ordinary people ask 'famous' people questions. At least some of them will be star struck, others will ramble on forever and some with just be plain idiots. I've seen it happen with Bill Gates talks several times. Thankfully out of about 15 questions last night there were only 2 crazies that got to the mike:

  • 'In some comic books when a character gets hit on the head they see stars and planets - I've actually had this happen to me so I know it really happens. Do you have any explanation for this?'... the whole hall laughed thinking it was a joke question but I think the guy was dead serious. BG turned the question around to him by saying 'my therapist always asks me "What do YOU think?"'. The asker rambled on for a bit about us being children of the universe or something before BG cut him off... what a waste of everyone time.
  • The second guy asked some complicated question which I don't remember and isn't really relevant anyway. It was pretty obvious he was trying to sound very, very clever. The problem was that he apparently didn't know what he was talking about and BG quickly and politely corrected him. But this wasn't enough for the genius in the audience - he had to get his moneys worth so he argued with the answer... yes that's right a nobody who paid $40 for a ticket thinks he knows more that one of the leading experts on the subject. BG stayed very cool and ended the argument with 'you should probably talk to your teacher about reading some of the more up to date information available'. What a great put down.



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