4 ways NOT to get or keep my business.... (part 4)

Sorry for the delay on part 4... something came up.

So the 4th and final company to annoy me in the last month is Quicken. They have been sending me 'Upgrade to Quicken 2007' with $10 off emails for the lat 3 months and when I installed Vista I figured I would go ahead and upgrade. So I followed the instructions in the email and paid my $79.99 (home and business is normally $89.99). However I had a few problems with the installation and went to http://www.quicken.com to see if I could find some help. Imagine my surprise when right on the home page was a nice big ad that said 'Buy Quicken 2007 Home and Business for $59.99'. There's nothing quite like treating your existing customers to a deal which is worse than the one you offer the general public. The reason this works is because most people are too lazy to look or complain. However The ZMan loves to complain, its his hobby and its even more special when there is $20 on the table. So I emailed them and pointed out that this didn't seem fair and that I expected a $20 refund. No kidding this is the reply I got:

"Actually this is an offer going on for our customer, you might get different prices for different version, so if you get $59.99 for Purchasing Quicken Home and Business then that will be luck, and if you get $79.99 then, it is not a good luck for you."

I'm not even 100% sure what that means. I guessed that the implication was that somehow the discount was in some ways random so I checked the website from 3 computers and got some friends to look. Apparently all of us are VERY lucky because we were all offered the same price. Thankfully Quicken did offer to refund my money even though they thought it was OK to insult my intelligence at the same time.


The correct reply would have been:

Dear ZMan, thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. Customers who have paid year after year for copies of Quicken are our most important customers and from now on we will ensure that they always get the cheapest upgrade price. To that effect we will be refunding $20 to you and ALL existing customers that we tried to pull a fast one on.

Published 13 February 2007 12:59 AM by zman


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