4 ways NOT to get or keep my business.... (part 1)

No posts for a while I know so lets start up by doing what I do best.. complaining about idiot companies

Lets say you have been selling me a service for the last 6 years. I pay my bills on time, I don't call your customer service line and complain - all in all I am a solid customer. My only request to you is that I would like a feature on my service that you don't actually offer. Every year I send an email asking when/if you will ever offer it and every year I check to see if your competitors offer it (they don't). In 2007 I decide that I'm not that keen on paying for the service without this feature so I send an email saying that without this feature I will be cancelling. Surprisingly I get a reply saying that the feature has become available this year but its only being offered to NEW CUSTOMERS. So I reply and say 'please cancel' my service. Of course cancelling a service is far too complex for customer service drones so I am referred to the Customer Loyalty Department. The customer loyalty department asks why I am cancelling and when I tell them they say 'well we can make an exception and give you the feature'. Of course as an existing customer not only does my monthly fee increase (which I understand) but I have to pay $200 for installation (which of course new customers don't). So where did they go wrong?

  • Your first point of contact needs to be able to cancel when requested. I am SO fed up of places where you can do everything online except cancel
  • When a customer has been asking for a feature for years please keep it on record and preemptively call him when you have that feature.
  • Don't treat your loyal customers worse than your new ones. COMCAST do this in Seattle and it drives me nuts. All sorts of special offers if you switch twice a year from cable to satellite but if you stay loyal you get screwed.
  • Why have a customer loyalty department when your 1st point of contact doesn't care about customer loyalty and just passes the buck. You had lost me way before I had to talk to your loyalty specialists. And your loyalty specialists don't seem to have the authority to keep me as a customer. You lost my business because of $200 guys. I've had the service for 6 years, you would have had your money back in no time.
  • If your job is customer loyalty then please review my case before you call me. My emails had explained exactly why I am cancelling. You just look like an idiot when you make me tell you the whole story again.


(I have my reasons for not revealing the company - I just want to make a point here and I'm sure this is not the only company that operates like this).

Published 30 January 2007 12:53 AM by zman


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