He's back, and he's mad....

I'm sure you have all been awaiting a new post after I closed things down for a server move. Well 3 months later and I'm back, comments open but on the same old server I was on before.

I am trying to consolidate several shared hosting accounts into a single server and hopefully save some money in the process. GoDaddy have a pretty decent virtual server for around $38 a month which is less than I'm paying in total for my shared hosting. So far so good - set up was easy and all seems to work fine.

Problem 1 - this site is hosted in godaddies shared hosting which means no admin access to the database. So there's no way to back it up. I bitched to their tech support and eventually got an account manager to see sense. Since I was upgrading to a more expensive product they did a backup and put the file on my desktop (remember that!) on the new server.

The summer comes and goes, ZMan is very busy, lots of stuff going on and vacations to take. I tried doing a conversion of the database to Community Server 2.0 and got a ton of errors. So I gave up for a while.

Problem 2 - about a week ago I decide to try again but when I try to log into my server I get an error about the disk being full. Not sure why but I delete a couple of large files and all seems well. Well at least till next time I log in - my windows profile is damaged and Terminal Server just boots me right out. Since this is a virtual server godaddy support only handle the infrastructure stuff and so my only option is a profile rebuild which has the side effect of deleting any files on the desktop. Problem is I never copied the SQL backup file from the desktop and I can't pursuade tech support to step outside the rules for me this time.

So I gave up.. tonight I just gave the order to rebuild the whole server and I will have to worry about a different way to transfer all these blog entries. CS 1.1 doesn't have a good blogML exporter I have heard, or at least one that is compatible with CS 2.0. For now IndieGameGuy will stay here and you can all comment to your hearts conent

While I'm bitching, why does CS1.1 think I'm in an unsupported browser - yes its IE7 but just pretend its IE6 will you and give me my WSISYG editor back....

Published 14 October 2006 09:48 PM by zman


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