The final logo

I've kept you all waiting long enough... I present to you the final logo:

Final Logo

The one big flaw I saw in the original concepts was that if you don't know the company is called ZBuffer Games then its not obvious that the Z is part of the name so I added a z on the bottom. At GDC this year for example they printed my badge in all capitals with no space like this THEZBUFFER. Everyone who read it thought it was 'Thez Buffer'. Otherwise I liked the colors and the layout. Now that the full name of the company was at the bottom they did actually make the Z a little bigger and added a drop shadow to it. The 'text' someone thought was under the 'a' was just part of the design. The other thing I played with was using some upper and lower case e.g. ZBuffer Games, but with the varying positions of the font and the typeface none of them looked good so we went back to lower case.

All in all I'm pretty happy given this was the cheapest package and I have no clue what I'm talking about. The only issue I have is that when it was printed on the business cards the background is lighter than it looks on my screen - the joys of not having color calibrated monitors I suppose.

Cullen emailed me to say he had a great experience with The LogoCompany and they seem to be a bit cheaper. But all in all I'm equally as happy with LogoWorks.

Published 19 June 2006 09:46 PM by zman


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