Can the ZMan run when he's full of chocolate?

For once my bitching paid off and just like Earl karma slapped me right back in the face.

I visited a friend on Friday night who happens to read my blog, as a result I got officially certified (by me!) triple chocolate brownies. The brownies were chocolate, there was a layer of Ghirardelli chocolate chips in the middle and chocolate frosting on top. Most excellent! However just before I left I was offered a second piece. There are those of you who may think that anyone who can run a marathon is disciplined in both mind and body, but you would be very, very wrong. 3 hours later I am in bed and I swear I can feel the brownie moving through my digestive system at about the speed of a slug. This is not a good thing as I needed to be up at 7am for a 10k race this morning. However, eventually sleep beats the brownie and I had learned a very valuable lesson to add to all the other valuable lessons that I forget when chocolate appears. It's genetic I tell you - I come from a long line of chocoholics.

So onto the race report - Fall City Days 10k. My current PR 51:48 which as mentioned was either a day where gods from all the religions' smiled on me at the same time, or a short course. My whole group started near the back of the pack which means I had to fight through the crowds a bit, but it also means I spent 4 miles passing people which is a great morale boost. The race was very well organised, lots of volunteers from the local school and cheerleaders on the water stops. I could have done with some cheerleaders closer to my own age though that may have just slowed me down. The one odd thing was that they reused the mile marker positions on the way out and the way back which messes up the math I do in my head. We had 1, 2, 3.1 (half way), 2 (2 miles left or 4.2 done), 1 (1 mile left or 5.2 done). I hit half way at 25:15 - I remember when I would have thought that was a stunning 5k race time - so I knew I was doing a good pace. But then when I passed the '2' the second time round I assumed it was actually the 4 mile marker and that I had somehow lost a minute and half off my pace which was a little worrying, but I figured I did a fast 5k a week ago and a tough workout on Tuesday so maybe I was just tired. At the '1' they had '(to the finish)' printed on the marker so it all made sense and I was able to spend the last mile doing division in my head to realise I was still on a pace to beat my PR. It's when you are doing math at mile 6 you really really hate the folk who didn't make time decimal based - from what I can find its the damn Babylonians or the damn Egyptians. Final time 50:35 for an 8:09 pace and 1:23 off my last best. You can never complain when you beat your best time. I think everyone in the group did a new best time including the 3 10k virgins in the group of course.

One thing I've noticed as I do more races is that no matter how hard that final push to the finish is I forget it quicker and quicker. I used to remember the rough races for days. Now I get home, add my time to the spreadsheet and start thinking crazy things like 'so all I have to do is run 5s faster per mile and I can break 50:00', which turns into 'that's a 8:04 pace - I should be able to knock another 5s per mile off and run under 8:00 pace' and before I know it 'well if I can run under 8:00 for 10k I should be able to run 8:30 for a half marathon' and 'that pace means I could surely run a full marathon under 4:00:00' which progresses to 'you know that's almost 9:00 pace - heck I may as well just go for that' and before I know it '9:00 pace is 3:55:48 - why don't I just go for beating 3:55:00'. From running a 10k race to a 3:55:00 marathon in one smooth thought process. Damn, I'm one of those annoying running freaks.

Published 17 June 2006 12:44 AM by zman
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