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Nice feedback, and it looks like the majority of the votes were for the 2 on the right which was my initial choices too. Top left is actually a nice logo but I think the big curly Z said 'video games'. Bottom left just didn't do anything for me, anyone I showed it to, nor any of you. Maybe someone with more art skills can explain that.

However since I only had the cheap package I had to choose 1 at this point so I went with the top right.

Now phase 2 comes in. You have 2 rounds of revisions where you can tweak colours, placement and other things. Richard suggested purple to match The ZBuffer (though this logo is not for that site), NK suggested making the Z 'go out of the box' and removing the straight lines. Any further guesses? What would ZMan do?

I should add I thought there was one huge design issue with the logo. Imagine you didn't know me at all and I gave you a business card with that logo on it.

Published 15 June 2006 12:42 AM by zman


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