Where's the beer?

Before I talk about the beer lets get the race report out of the way.

The Freemont 5k is a good race for several reasons. Firstly it starts at 7pm which is great for those of us who hate the normal early morning race starts and secondly they have a beer garden at the end which helps through the last few hundred yards.

I've had a slight ache at the bottom of my calf for the past few months. It comes and goes and doesn't hurt while I'm actually running but I'm always worried about it. It's looking like the faster running aggravates it more than the distances so I was not sure if I should push it on this race. Oh and I had 6 beers and stayed up way too late on Thursday which also doesn't help. So right up to the start I was not sure if I wanted to race or fun run. I lined up with the 8:30 pace group. My best time is 8:03 pace but I find people always go off too fast so starting further back helps me control the pace a little. It was a crowded start so not much chance for passing and a reasonable up hill to the 1st half mile kept things fairly slow - or so I thought. Mile 1: 7:36. OK so I guess I am racing this. Its a little faster than I wanted so I tried to slow down. There was a short mean little hill around half way which helped but I still managed sub 8:00 for mile 2. I'm still worried about my ankle but now I'm pretty sure I can run the whole race sub 8:00 pace. The last 1.1 miles is always tough but unlike last years race I am keeping up with the people around me. I pass 'J' - our groups lone supporter for the night (we all thank you for coming along) and she inspires me to hit 3 miles in 7:46 for a total of 23:20. The finish line is in sight though I suspect sub 24:00 is a little out of reach but I drain whatever energy I have left and cross in 24:03 for a best time and my first sub 8:00 (7:45!) 5k. Pretty good for a race I wasn't even sure I was going to race in.

Being a geek I have to keep my stats up to date and I've recently started to chart them:


The stunningly fast 10k in the middle there may be of dubious origin. Another member of my group had a great time there so we are wondering if the race was short somehow. Otherwise I had the best racing day of my life so far.

But finally to the point of the story. After running 3.1 miles we stood in line in the beer garden and they ran out just as we got to the front. Now how the hell you don't put the last keg on the tap and think 'maybe we should send for another one' is beyond me but that's what they did. Drain 6 kegs of beer and then send for the backup supply. So I'm sorry Freemont chamber of commerce - we took our $$$ back to Kirkland and a good time was had by all at The Slip

Published 10 June 2006 12:38 AM by zman


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