Doing Nothing

Doing nothing is one of the many great things about being self employed. I finished my latest job earlier this week (a week later than planned though no fault of my own) and since its sunny here, something that doesn't happen often enough according to the ZChick, I'm taking it easy. Took the ZHounds for some walks, got ice cream, caught up on emails.... this is the life.

The joy of being able to do that without worrying about your boss finding out, or knowing that tomorrow you would have to pull a 14 hour day to catch back up it wonderful.

Next week I have to decide what my next project will be. I have a couple of opportunities for paid work, a game that I've been trying to do some coding on with a group of friends that really needs some quality time and about 1000 post it notes of good ideas on my desk some of which may make me a gazzilionaire, and some of which will be just downright fun. Decisions, decisions...

Published 15 May 2006 12:34 AM by zman


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