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Now that I have the LLC all set up I have to get the finances in order. According to what I read in my NOLO books (thanks for the tip on those Steve - far cheaper than a lawyer and though the information is out there on the internet its nice to have it all in one spot) I need to make sure I keep my LLC finances very separate from my person ones to maintain the LL part of the C. I currently bank with a credit union so much as I would have liked to open an account with them its just not an option since they don't offer any business banking. Coming from Europe where the concept of non free checking is unheard of I can't bear to think of paying for my banking so after a bit of research it became pretty obvious that Washington Mutual is the way to go. There are probably better places if you are looking for lines of credit and cosy relationships with a personal banker but all I need right now is a place to pay in the checks.

Next I needed a credit card. Being the sort of thrifty guy I am I also don't expect to pay a fee for my credit card and I expect them to give me things back too. For my person use I use the Citi Dividend Select Mastercard - 5% cashback on gas, supermarkets and drugstores (do the math people and go get one of these! I still get a chill down my spine at Safeway when I know my shopping bill is effectively 5% less than everyone else). Fortunately CitiCards also do a nice range of business cards with rewards too and I picked the CitiBusiness card with thank you network - no fee, points I can use on pretty much anything and $100 worth of points for free up front. That's free cash man!

Once you start a business your details become public knowledge and so I am getting junk mail from every business credit card and every credit card processing reseller under the sun. I even got some idiot calling me up about credit card processing. On the positive side I did get $10 discount if I spend $20 at Office Max - 50% discount - that's the kind of junk mail I like.

I've also been invited to join the local Chamber of Commerce. However it cost $250 a year and so far I really don't see what benefit I get for my money. All the lunches etc are open to everyone for a few extra $$. I'm not really into schmoozing with local retailers anyway and they will just want me to chip in for the fireworks on 4th July.

So now everything is set up I can finally send out the invoices I have been holding onto and once my credit card gets here I will be finally able to make the break from my personal accounts. However, I made my first estimated tax payment for 2006 this month too so its not all about the income.

The current job I am doing for Microsoft is a few hours away from being complete. I think I may spend next week playing Oblivion - I've not turned the 360 on for the past 4 weeks and before that I was just playing Hexic for the previous job. I will also do some work on the ZBuffer that I've been meaning to do for a while and catchup on the content and tutorials.  I also have some tough decisions to make about my next job - but more on that in another blog entry.

Published 21 April 2006 12:33 AM by zman


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