Running slowly on purpose

Craig had an interesting comment on my last post.

I'm under strict instructions that my 1st marathon is *NOT* to be thought of as a race. My training has all been done at 9:30-9:45 pace and I'm aiming to to the actual race around 10:00-10:30 pace so that I am 100% sure of finishing without something bad happening.

Which of course is the hard thing. Even though I've been running for a year its still very hard to judge my speed. You can't rely on how hard it feels because as you get fitter this changes and anyway maybe you are on a slight hill. Even worse its very easy to get swept along with the crowds of people, especially at a major race. In almost all my races I've looked at my watch at the 1st mile and realised I went too fast. Fortunately on the really big races the crowds are so big at the start its hard to run at all which should help. But for this race my watch is there to slow me down not to see if I am close to a world record.

Of course running slowly on your 1st race at a particular distance is not only sensible it enables you to really get a good PR next time you run that distance.

Published 16 April 2006 12:35 AM by zman


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