ZBuffer Games, LLC

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you what may be the next Google, Microsoft or Ebay.... ZBuffer Games.

Yes apparently sticking 'games' on the end makes the business name different enough that it was accepted (for the small price of a $20 refiling fee). Fortunately I already own www.zbuffergames.com so there is no worries about the URL (there's nothing there to see right now). For now its just enough of an entity that I can bill and pay taxes and keep things legal.

Of course now the rest of the fees show up:

  • Filing my initial annual report $10
  • Getting a WA business license $?
  • Getting a city business license$?
  • etc etc

Oh boy I can't wait to pay all the extra taxes that grown up businesses have to pay.


Published 27 March 2006 12:33 AM by zman


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