ProjectX is complete and more bitchin'

The ZMan is slowly recovering from the shock of doing 3 full weeks of work. In fact more than full because I was doing 9-10 hours days on one project then coming home to spend a couple more on a second project which is starting up. Generally though I'm very happy with the lack of sleep, quality time with the ZChick and ZHounds because I just got paid to spend 3 weeks writing Managed DirectX code which is exactly why I quit in June. Customer seems happy with the work and I should be able to post about in on The ZBuffer soon.

My next paid project is also game related however not Managed DirectX :-( Still it will be good publicity for me and good money too. I'm not sure what I can say other than its for Microsoft but so I will have to wait till its done to talk about it just to be on the safe side.

Now its time for more bitching about inefficiency in the workplace (sorry NK).....

Now that I am making money I need to make sure my paperwork is in order so that the government etc doesn't come after me. So I filed an application to form an LLC. Washington State has a great website for doing this that walks your through the whole process. I was very impressed! I applied for 'THE ZBUFFER, LLC' (they always print it in capitals for some reason). The final form noted that I required 'special name processing' however there is no explanation of why, nor what special name processing involved. They show you a list of where you fit alphabetically with other companies which did show that there is already a 'Z BUFFER, INC' in Washington so *maybe* that is why. I also wondered if it was because ZBUFFER is not a dictionary word. Either way that was my obvious first choice so I went with it. The final form says 'we will usually get back to you within one business day' and since I applied online, they took my email address and they sent the confirmation to that email address I expects to hear back online.

Well No....

Today I got a rejection for my name in the mail and that's all. No indication of how I am supposed to respond. Its apparent I *can* respond because the note says I have to pay an additional $20 to keep my application expedited. There is no email address, web site of phone number, no form to fill in and no details of who to make the check payable to. Even worse no explanation of why it was rejected and how best to select a name. Can I apply for variations that include ZBuffer or do I have to think up something totally different. So I have had to guess and try a new name...

Published 18 March 2006 12:27 AM by zman


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