Project X

Though I can't say much (anything?) I thought people would like some kind of update on my current project since I just hit a happy pause point.

The company doesn't have a machine for me yet so I am still working at home. Given that I am 'on the clock' I've had to set IM to 'offline' and not run IRC since I don't like things breaking my concentration when I get in the coding groove. Working at home isn't bad - Visual Studio is set up just the way I like it, I have 2 nice big monitors and no distractions other than Dr Phil and Oprah.

Technology wise I have had to get familiar with Flash which has been 'interesting'. If you've never done flash before imagine crossing PhotoShop with a programming language. Most of the animations are done by an artist creating animations and everything is hooked up together with a C based language called ActionScript. Picking up a new language, especially one that looks familiar is not usually a problem for me but in Flash its not always obvious what bit of code will run next or if there is an animation running which will at some point kick of the next code. I'm not sure I am even competent yet but I'm finding my way round.

That's all I can say for now other than it is keeping me busy and it will continue to for the next 2 weeks at least. I miss chatting to (some of) you and I'm sorry I'm not so active in the newsgroups and forums but I'm trying my best.

Off to give the ZChick 5 minutes of lovin' before I come back to more coding....

Oh and last night I watched My Date With Drew and much to my surprise (I accidentally got it due to a badly sorted Blockbuster online list) it was funny, unique, cute and entertaining. I hope the guy who made it (for $1100) makes a fortune.

Oh and one MORE thing I'm currently reading Neil Armstrong's biography First Man and as I read the dust jacket I realised than he was 38 when he landed on the moon - the same age as me. I guess I've really not achieved much compared to him :-)

Sorry ZChick - I used up your 5 minutes with my rambling......

Published 15 March 2006 12:26 AM by zman


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