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When I quit Microsoft I knew I was about to lose my access to all the Microsoft software I ever needed or wanted. For work purposes you can have just about any software for free and for personal use the company store is very reasonably priced. Fortunately Microsoft employees can get MSDN subscriptions at equally good discounts - so 2 weeks before I quit I got the full universal subscription.

December 2005 I am named a DirectX MVP - one of the benefits is an MSDN subscription. Its not the premier (which is what Universal turned into but its free and I like free). I wait and wait and this week I got a big box of DVDs. Yes an entirely duplicate set for what I already have. Even worse I get 2 sets of the March update. Combining both sets and eliminating the duplicates ahas sent about 40 DVDs to the landfill (according the this CDs are not hazardous but they do take 450 years to break down!). You can't give them away (well you could but I like my relationship with Microsoft) and there is nowhere round here that will recycle them for free.

So I called the MSDN subscriber line to get this sorted out - according to them I just have the original subscription - I have to talk to the MVP folk about the other one. Yeah like there are 2 places and Microsoft packaging this stuff up. You would think this happened often enough that they knew what to do. They also could not tell me if I would get a refund for the unused part of my paid subscription. In other words the whole phone call was a waste of my time.

The real pisser is that when you get an MVP award they ask you if you already have an MSDN subscription and you give them your ID. What the hell do they ask for that information for if they don't use it to switch over the subscriptions automatically. Aaaaaarghhhhhh.

Published 01 March 2006 12:25 AM by zman


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