Running.... its supposed to be good for you

As I've mentioned before I've been doing some running over the past 12 months. On Saturday I paid my $80 to run my 1st full 26.2 mile marathon Sunday May 7th in Vancouver, Canada. Yes you have to pay for these things and they get more and more expensive the longer the race. Surprisingly, I'm not too worried about the race. I've been training consistently, I have a good coach who makes sure I do enough without killing myself and I'm probably in better shape now than any time in my adult life. However the last couple of weeks have opened my eyes to the dangers of running.

2 weekends ago at mile 2 of an 11 mile run we ran up a hill, its not a steep hill but its just over a mile long and we ran up it faster than I have run before. At the top I felt fine, 200m later at the crosswalk I felt fine. 20 seconds later I was ready to pass out/puke or both. Fortunately there was a place to sit and get my head down low and a store nearby for water. After the water I took it easy for the next 6 miles and was recovered enough to actually finish pretty strong. The conclusion was that my cold and cold remedies had me more dehydrated than I normally am.

Then yesterday we set out on another 11 miler - felt great all the way through then suddenly with 1 mile to go I tripped over nothing and went, as we say in England, *** over tit! Right in front of several people on the trail. I managed to absorb some of the impact with my hands but not all of it and my knee and shoulder took the rest before my head finally stopped me. Thankfully the head impact was tiny however my knee and shoulder look like I came off a motorbike.

Given the escalation of my injuries I fully expect to cough up a lung or get a hernia next week... watch this space.

Published 27 February 2006 12:24 AM by zman
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