Vista 5308 and VPC no luck this time...

Well sad to say that Vista 5308 and virtual PC don't get along. Setup crashes when it asks you for the product key. I'm pretty sure that its not supported so I'm not expecting much in the way of support.

So last night I built a dual boot. I don't like windows messing with dual boot so I used BootMagic instead. The only way to do this is to turn off boot magic (since it won't allow you to have a non bootable partition in the list), hide the primary partition and make the empty one visible. [Interesting side note partition magic always tells me that my second primary partition is not bootable because its past the 1024 cylinder boundary but I have never had any problem booting from it!]. Then you reboot. This is always a little worrying because now you have no obvious way of getting back into your real primary partition. Boot from the Vista DVD and allow the install to happen. Very smooth, nice graphics and I think exactly 2 questions to answer. When I returned it was all setup. Then I have to boot from the partition magic boot discs to switch over the primary partition, and finally turn boot magic back on and tell it about the new vista partition. Oh, one final annoying thing, full partition magic is quite happy to operate on my USB external drive but Partition Magic DOS version  just hangs. So I have to power that down when I want to boot into partition magic...

My first impression is that this beta seems more speedy than the last one. I pointed the picture viewer at my 5000+ digital pictures and I am in love already - is thumbnailed them and allows me to view them by date and switch around and its very fast. And this is just plain thumbnails. I didn't get much chance to play with any other stuff but it didn't crash in the half hour I messed with everything.

Next up installing Visual Studio and Direct3D10.... and watching the programs run in refrast..... Nvidia/ATI when can I have a card ?

Published 24 February 2006 12:24 AM by zman


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