Direct3D10, Vista CTP and Virtual PC

I've been meaning to find time to try out some Direct3D10 stuff but there are a few limitations at the moment.

  1. DIrect3D 10 only runs on Vista CTP
  2. There are no Direct3D capable cards anywhere to be found - in fact there is only one rumor that I have even heard

Last time I tried to install Vista I went through 3 kind of hell getting my partition magic multi boot to work with the new fangled Vista multi boot. I found that my nice new removable drive that I purchased for vista isn't supported as a bootable drive and then, the rub it in my face, I found the Dec CTP really not very stable on my setup.

Today CTP build 5308 came out for those of us on the beta test (I'm sure it will be up on MSDN subscriber downloads soon) so I'm going to give it another shot. Since there is no hardware support yet I figure why not run the whole thing in software. So I'm going to use VPC. VirtualPC guy has a post on getting vista to run in VPC. Its a little annoying that the ISO image is 2,780.79 MB which means VPC won't boot from it, but that's pretty simple to fix with ImgBurn and a blank DVD. The download it currently at 32 % and says 2:44 minutes left. However its said between 2:30 and 2:45 for the last 40 minutes so I'm a little suspect of the math.

So watch this space for the exciting adventures of running prerelease D3D10 on prerelease Vista on (I assume) an unsupported platform (VPC) with the VPC additions 'borrowed' from Virtual Server 2005!

Published 22 February 2006 12:23 AM by zman


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