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The history of C and Basic and another Zman update

Well I've not posted in here for a while for many great reasons of which the most truthful is that I am an inherently lazy person.

Just to cheer you all up here's a couple of links I got from Scott's blog - the "History of the Basic Language" and the "History of the C language". V. Funny.

In other news, The ZMan is keeping himself busy. I got 3 more MSDN articles out in time for the holidays with a nice Holiday/Christmas/'non religious festival of your choice' tree screen saver and I have a couple of side projects underway, one of which is (poorly) paid.

The holiday season and the xbox 360 of course gave me even more reason to be lazy and unmotivated. I really do suffer from not having a manager to come and kick my ass once a week :-) I've got a couple of projects I'm starting or about to start with other folk so the new year should keep me more honest.

Oh and I got an MVP award and I'm paid up to to go to GDC already... things are looking good.



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