Happy X....box360

Since I have better things to do that stand out in the rain for 2 days, buy the $1000 bundle or pay double on ebay I had all but given up on getting my Xbox360 before Xmas. I preordered in August which was *not* looking like it was early enough.

But this evening (23rd) I got a nice phone call from EBGames saying they just got a delivery and it was my turn... how cool is that?

For those who want to know the EB in Redmond, WA has around 300 preorders, they got 40 delivered today leaving them with around 120 still on the waiting list. As I was waiting in line the guy in front of me asked for one, but didn't have a preorder, he said someone at Microsoft had told him they had a delivery. That is one *cruel* person at Microsoft because I'm sure everyone knows EB is still working through its waiting list.

Sadly I spent an hour rebooting and fiddling with all the devices in my network to try to get online. I really have no clue what was up, after I replaced the router with a spare, then replaced it back again, then powered everything off and back on it connected first time.

So if you want someone to beat at *any* game out there (I really am about as crap as they come) then add The ZManiac to your friends list.

Published 24 December 2005 12:19 AM by zman


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