Visual Studio 2005 Spell Checker?

I'm a crap speller, I admit it. Fortunately computers are generally better at spelling than me. Unfortunately Visual Studio doesn't have the ability to spell check my code and it drives me nuts. Why Oh Why Oh Why can Visual Studio not call into the word spell checker if its on my machine?

So I've done some searches and found very little satisfaction. There is one tool that is working for me right now but I would love to know if you have heard of another one?

  • CodeSmart 2005 - $249 - pictures look good, but no Visual Studio 2005 version. Seems like a lot of the other features you get are already part of VS2005. Spell check results come back like Search or compiler errors in a grid. Seems OK but doesn't feel like spell checking.
  • Visual Assist - $129 - VS2005 version available. Spell checker seemed to find some typos and miss others - at least in the HTML page I was editing. It thought that "I've" was 2 words and offered to add "ve" to the dictionary. Red underlines just like word. Once again a lot of extra functionality that seems to overlap with VS2005.
  • Microsoft Example Macro - $FREE - Highlight a block of text and run a macro is not a good UI. Not sure it will work in VS2005 and didn't try since I got lots of odd errors in VS2003. It did run though. I doubt it understands anything about code structure etc though
  • Spell Code - $19.95 - just does spelling. Uses a select/run command approach and works on forms and inside code which is nice. Throws an error if you select a block of code with ///<> comments which means 100% of my code. VS2003 only.
  • Code Spell - $29 - and the search ends..... VS2005 (in fact only VS2005 but that's fine with me). A lack of superfluous features that VS already has, squiggly underlines (though they are blue not red - I prefer consistency with word). Understands CamelCaseWords. Seems to want to spell check the HTML and CSS which is something that could be improved but I can live with that too. I have 30 days to see if this will work but my 10 minute trial is feeling good.

Craig pointed out that I had missed FXCop. Sure FXCop checks my public API spelling for me, but it doesn't check the HTML, the comments and the strings. I hate having to cut & paste my HTML pages into word to spell check them. Don't forget folks that FXCop is now called Code Analysis and is built into VS2005 (not in Express products) and for some reason its not turned on by default (I guess this feature was designed by the same PM who decided that Option Explicit should be off in VB3.... and we are still paying the price).

Published 30 November 2005 12:15 AM by zman


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