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Well the race is over, the terrible rain that I awoke to at 5:30am (Yes that's AM - runners are a crazy bunch) faded by 7:30 and though it was chilly we didn't get wet which is all I care about. 2 hours in the rain is not much fun. Final time 2:08:04 which is pretty damn good if I do say so myself!

I've never run with so many people in a race, I tend to run the start of a race too fast, but it was jut about impossible to do that today due to all the people. This is a good thing.

Lots of people out on the course with signs and cheering which is very nice. Not sure what happened to the GU station - good job I took some along myself. The chocolate one is like eating frosting.

Published 26 November 2005 09:08 PM by zman
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