Seattle Code Camp

Well another great code camp - seemed like folk I spoke to had a good time. I met some folks who I had met at Portland code camp. Nice to see several of them remember me, even though I had forgotten all of their names - I am so sorry but next time keep your name badges on so that I can at least pretend I remembered. The ZBuffer is showing up more and more on people's searches - I met a lady called Ingrid who had been doing some managed DirectX who had been using the site and at least one guy was excited to have finally met "The ZMan".

One downside was that the game programming talks were not so well attended as in Portland. My shader talk was just 2 people (and Jason showed up for half of it). One of those folks was Chris's son who very sportingly came to my talk for a second time after seeing it once in Portland. Mark - I'm not sure how much you understood this time but I guarantee that it's the 3rd time through that will make things click :-) I managed to crash the projector or something and the second room we tried had been 'hibernated' so we had several false starts and moves which didn't help. I'm thinking my prerequisites are too harsh on folk - when you say there will be math involved some people get scared. Next code camp I'm going to do something more beginner oriented. Of course it's always hard to compete when you have Microsoft celebrities like Brad Abrams and others repeating PDC talks without having to pay PDC prices (code camp is free remember) - I gather Brad's talk was standing room only

1000 points of Kudos for DeVry University - these folks donated all of the space and facilities for FREE and its not even Christmas.

Published 23 October 2005 11:58 PM by zman


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