Tuesday fun and games

Well its 1:30am, the ZChick and the ZHounds are fast asleep and the ZMan has just finished the analysis of the .Net 2.0 Managed DirectX release. It certainly took a lot longer than I expected and was much more manual labour than I like to do. On the positive side I got to see deep parts of the namespaces that I didn't even know existed so it was a worthwhile learning experience.

Later today after I have caught some Zzzzzzzzzz's I will be heading up to Microsoft to film a Channel 9 video with some of the Coding4Fun team. Since the Ask ZMan column isn't really great video material I've helped out with a more 'tactile' Coding4Fun demo project which involves XInput and the new Xbox360 controller that I talked about the other day. You will have to wait for the video to be release to see what it is. Well maybe I will take it along to Seattle Code camp this weekend.

It will be odd going back as a visitor but hopefully will get to meet Scoble.

Published 18 October 2005 11:57 PM by zman


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