A new world record for....

..cinnamon rolls. And the ZMan and ZChick were there to see it.

Not coming from America where the biggest ball of string and the biggest thermometer are common place I find this sort of thing fascinating. So when I found out that the House of Bread, in Mill Creek, WA was attempting a new world record I knew where I would be on Saturday 15th October 2005.

And here it is - I believe the unofficial weight was 246.5lb...

Biggest Cinnamon Roll

We had to stand in a line for 30 minutes to get our chunk of it (terrible planning on my part - there was a short line and we said "we'll come back when its shorter". When we got back it was 3 times as long!) and it tasted damn fine. How many of you can say they have eaten part of a world record!

Oh yeah, Managed DirectX.... errr.... well I'm almost finished with the DirectSound API analysis. Will be up before I go to bed tonight.


Published 15 October 2005 11:55 PM by zman


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