People who sell your email address...

I've had my own domain for many, many years that I use for my personal emails. I use a catch-all on the account so that {anything} will get to me and then I use various outlook rules to filter based on the to address.

One nice thing about this is that whenever I have to give an email address to a company I can give each of them a unique address and then watch to see who sells/loses the address. I have honestly been surprised over the years how few times I have caught anybody. In one case I actually had a VP on the phone apologising and ensuring my email was removed from their 'partners' database (it was - I never got any more spam)

There's 2 big offenders though... and as of today I will banish their personal emails to the 'delete always' rule

  1. Datek (now Ameritrade) - while I was a customer I never had any problems but at some point their customer email list has made it into nefarious hands. It does seem like the emails are slightly targeted - I'm not getting porn, drugs or gambling spam but they are rarely anything to do with finance
  2. Broderbund - they got my email as part of a registration/rebate for some software so I guess it could be the rebate people who sold my address. Either way I get lots of email - e.g. today I got one from Bed Bath and Beyond. I did own their home/garden design software at one point and some of the spam seems to be in that industry area so I'm guessing the targeting is coming from that software registration.
Published 13 June 2007 01:11 AM by zman


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