What I did on my blog vacation

Sorry for the gap folks - been keeping myself busy elsewhere. I'll just catch you all up very quickly.

  1. Ran a 5k race in under 26 minutes. Just to save you some time with google yes that's more than double the current world record and no I don't care. I'm too old and unfit to be worried about the competition e.g. the 12 year olds, the 75 year olds, the dads pushing 2 kids in a stroller who pass and beat me every time. However knocking over 1:40 off my last race is something to brag about.
  2. Went to PDC. Had a successful Birds of a feather session, met Bonk/Robert, Dirk, Benjamin, Casey, Jeff, Johan, hung out with the Coding4Fun guys & contributors (Dan, Brian, Ed, Kent, Matt and the Phidgets team) and maybe scored myself a small graphics related coding job and a possible speaking engagement.
  3. Went for a few days break in Cannon Beach, OR (famous for the rock where scenes from The Goonies were filmed).
  4. Relaxed too much after my week and a half off. Apparently fear of managers and deadlines is the only thing that has motivated me to go back to work in the past - now I have neither I'm finding that its hard to get going again after a break.
  5. Ran my 1st 10k race ever and did it in under 55 minutes. Once again,  its a smidgin' off the world record and I was again beaten by many many people, but I still don't care. 6 months ago I was running an occasional 13 minute mile on a treadmill and thinking it was sufficient exercise. Now I'm running 10k's in under 9 minute miles and I'm able to move and talk comfortable after I finish.
  6. More work in the garden/yard. A trench for the 2nd great wall of Zman has been partially dug before the Seattle monsoon season begun. The area around the 1st wall has been levelled, dug, composted and is awaiting topsoil and grass seed.
  7. The October SDK came out (have to get some technical content for Jason) and the anticipation of the .Net 2.0 assemblies was rapidly killed when it became apparent that somehow 40% of the namespace had gone missing. There are a lot of changes but I'm about half way through documenting an overview. The tools I have used in the past were just not sufficient this time so its been harder to determine all the changes. Hopefully it helps someone though (god forbid I'm doing this and nobody is reading it - please someone email me if you'd rather see pictures of the wall!)

So that's it. Memories of the time off and vacation are fading and I've almost convinced myself that I need to do some work so expect more soon.

Published 10 October 2005 11:52 PM by zman


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