No 50k for The Zman

Someone asked me if I was still doing the ultra 50k - sadly no. The event was last weekend (Sunday 22nd April) and though my leg injury is better the doctors didn't think that running 31 miles was a good way to recover. Seems they are probably right as I am still having a few issues.

I went to the event to support my team and after watching some of the back markers I just felt frustrated not to be running - I'm sure I would have looked better than some of them.

So forward looking - thanks to my swimming I may be able to do a triathlon over the summer and then back to marathons in the fall as well as a big birthday event for me in January next year. If all goes to plan this time next year I should be ready for the 50k or maybe I'll just jumped right to the 50 miler... yeah you heard me !

Published 25 April 2007 12:59 AM by zman
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