Where's the floppy

Well Vista won't install on my laptop. Who knows why. It goes through all the motions, reboots and says it can't find some very important file. So I grab my partition magic recovery floppies to set the right partition back to my Windows XP install and that's when I remember I don't have a floppy drive for my laptop. I probably saved myself $5 or so when I bought it. Never mind - I can boot from a CD right? Partition Magic's web site says "you can't make a bootable CD, instead just boot from the install CD". Well that's fine and dandy if you live in 1995 and you still buy products on CD! I downloaded mine from your damn website.

So assuming they are wrong (its just a group of files after all), I copy them to a CD and try to boot. Hmmm, it seems CDs don't boot by themselves. You have to find some magic options in your CD burner. Of course those options have lots of choices to make about which emulation you want, none of which make sense so I choose one and it doesn't work. Eventually I find one that boots but I can't see any of the partition magic files on the CD. Eventually I discover that the bootable CD boots into a floppy emulation and creates an extra drive for the other files. I've now burned about 6 coasters. Of course I have a CD-RW somewhere but I'm too lazy to use it.

Then I discover that windows hid the files it considers to be system files so I hadn't even copied everything off the floppies. All in all not buying the floppy drive cost me about 2 hours and 8 blank CDs. Hmmmmmm. Oh and Partition Magic lied - it runs just fine from a bootable CD if you copy all the files.

No time to really try any winfx stuff out as the sun arrived and this meant time to work outside again.

Next week I will be at PDC so getting the laptop ready and packing over the weekend. There will be update on The ZBuffer, but probably not much here for a while.

Published 10 September 2005 11:51 PM by zman


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