4 ways NOT to get or keep my business.... (part 3)

If any of you have ever set up your own business you will know that it opens the door to a whole new level of spam mail. The paper and phone call kind not the email kind. You get catalogs for office products, phone calls about being in yellow pages and business directories (for a fee of course) but the most annoying of all is companies that want you to use their credit card fulfillment services. Well one of these companies called IMS sent a postcard rather than annoy me while I am eating my dinner. Attached to the postcard is a 120 minute long distance calling card. Well that always comes in useful for phoning back to the UK and my other phone card was down to zero so this week I tried to use it. On the card it says "Exclusive gift for ZBuffer Games LLC". On the back it looks just like a normal phone card. Before I use it there is a number to activate it. So I called the number and after a couple of messages I get 'everyone is busy please wait'. I was bored so I hung up and just tried to use the card anyway - it didn't work of course. Then the phone rings and the conversation goes like this:

  • Hi did you just call IMS
  • Yes I did - I wante to activate my phone card
  • OK whats the PIN number
  • 7727.......905
  • So do you currently take credit cards at your business?
  • No - I don't have any need to
  • Really - what do you do
  • I'm a software developer
  • Interesting, I used to work in IT myself. So how do you get paid? It would be much easier if you took credit cards.
  • Look I get less than 10 checks per year - everyone is happy paying me by check and I'm not short of work so why would I pay you a monthly fee?
  • Credit cards always increase your busines....
  • Look I don't need to take credit cards - are you going to activate my phone card or is this just a big scam to get ME to call you?
  • Well activation is dependant on you taking our equipment...
  • [click]

I'm not even going to list what is wrong with this mess but you can be sure when I do need credit card fulfilment its not going to be with these clowns. In bulk a 120 minute phone card will set you back about $3 - so once again for the sake of a tiny amount of money a large amount of goodwill is wasted. If you are going to give me a gift in return for me selling my soul to your company at least make it something better than a $3 phone card eh?

Published 01 February 2007 12:55 AM by zman


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