Too Hot...

(for the hot tub)

Well my little old office at home may have a bigger window than the one at work, and a may have a nicer computer and a nicer desk but what I don't have is air conditioning. With 2 computers running in here and all of their associated DC converters it gets mighty warm. Of course in Seattle hardly anyone bothers with AC so you suffer on days like this. Coming from England doesn't help because the last time it was this hot in England was while the planet was being formed. Anyway I have a fan and it fits in the window so here is my DIY AC


And now I can upload pictures - here's the rather messy office from last week.
Messy Office
The 3 cardboard boxes are full of 'toys' that adorned my desk and window sill at Microsoft. I had quite a collection of basically rubbish for folk to look at or play with. Well The ZChick says there's no room for it here (she is just jealous of my toys like most of the kids) so I had to send 90% of it away to go to the goodwill store. As of today I'm almost through sorting out the 4 red crates which contain (amongst other things) manuals for anything I purchased in the last 10 years, cables that I can't even recognise the ends of, old graphic cards and other computer rubbish. A lot of that will be given away and some hopefully I can sell.

Sadly behind the red crates is a couple of years worth of what we like to call ZMan's piles! Different people organise their stuff in different ways. The ZChick has just as much rubbish as me but its hidden - she favours stuffing things into boxes and cupboards never to see the light of day. I prefer to know how much rubbish I have to deal with so I pile it up and leave it in the open. You can see the conflict! Of course I can't disagree with the argument that *my* rubbish makes the house look messy. Actually its best not to disagree with the ZChick on a Monday anyway. So that's why I am continuing to tidy up today.

Published 15 August 2005 11:20 AM by zman
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