Getting your life sorted

Where do I start? Before I can get going on 'the experiment', I have some organizing to do. (A photo of my work area would tell you everything you need to know, but for now I have no clue how to get pictures into Community Server). There are 401k rollovers, COBRA health insurance, stock options to sell (barely worth the electronic paper they are written on these days sadly) and much more - quitting a job in corporate America these days is  more paperwork than staying. I also have 4 boxes of stuff that cluttered up my office. My girlfriend does not see the uniqueness of most of it so once sorted the local goodwill store will be getting a delivery.

I am taking July pretty easy - mostly to deal with the transition stuff but also to have some fun. Code camp Portland is this weekend so I need to get the presentation and samples ready for that. Then next week is Microsoft meltdown and once that is over I can start coding again.

TheZBuffer has also been suffering from a lack of updates, but I'm just about to upload a bunch of entries that should see you though the next 10 days or so.

Published 18 July 2005 02:31 AM by zman


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