Farewell Bill

I have a little over an hour here in the office - yes its my last day at Microsoft. Many people over that last week have told me they thought I was 'a lifer' and to be honest until 6 weeks ago I did too. Once you get a spark of an idea like this in your head, and you convince yourself that its actually something that is physically and financially possible its hard to go back. I probably wouldn't have been much of an employee going forward thinking 'what if' all the time.

I'm a big MS proponent, always have been even before I worked here and probably always will be. For me working here was like a rocket scientist getting a job at NASA, or a musician playing in the London Philharmonic - no matter what the few bad things are, you know that you have worked at a place that is simply the best in its domain. Is it perfect? Guess what - no its not. But I'm still very happy I got the chance. Maybe I will be back in 12 months - keep my seat warm.

I will be relaxing for a few weeks enjoying whatever summer we get in Seattle, then I'm speaking at Portland Code Camp at the end of the month, then I will be attending Microsoft Meltdown and then "the experiment" will be into full speed.

Also, thanks to all those who sent kind words. Send the blog to all your friends.....

Published 06 July 2005 02:28 PM by zman


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