Don't burn your bridges

Today I sent out the traditional 'I'm leaving but I love you all so much' email at work. I now have 5 working days left. People I have talked to in the last couple of weeks already knew, but I've been working in Microsoft IT for over 9 years so I have worked with a lot of people.It was really hard remembering everyone - I had been writing down a list on post-it pads for a couple of days. So if its 2008 and you are reading this blog post and thinking 'Why didn't he email me', then I'm very sorry. I didn't include Bill on my farewell email as we are not on first name terms, but I did get to include Ron Markezich - the CIO - as I worked with him before he was quite as important. Will he show up for my leaving drinks? Who knows - but he sent a nice reply to my email as did many other folks, several assuring me that I can come back any time.If the 'experiment', as I am currently calling quitting my job without another job to go to, fails miserably I would have no problem going back to Microsoft so its good to leave somewhere near the top of my game (I hope) with a reputation that means people would have you back. So farewell Microsoft, you have been good to me.....


Published 28 June 2005 11:48 PM by zman


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